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Coincidence Manifesto

Connecting the world and advancing matchmaking technologies for the flourishing of social relationships.


A world of meaningful relationships, where happiness and cooperation prevail. A matchmaking experience that is pleasant and safe, transforming the way we connect and relate.

The Problem

We are social beings, choosing who we are connected with has a great influence on our lives. In one human life, we relate deeply with tens of people, and lightly with hundreds to tens of thousands. There are 8.1 billion humans (circa 2023) that we can connect with, far beyond what is intuitively understandable. To navigate these countless potential connections, we usually rely on local circumstances, events, workplace, friend-of-friend connections.

These are powerful, but now the world is global, industrialized, and enabled with the Internet. To find each other, we use matchmaking, networking, dating, and even event apps — Tinder, Meetup, Swapcard, Peanut, etc. These efforts are limited by their design, technology, culture, and purpose. They do not empower us with the most meaningful connections across varied contexts. They are the beginning of matchmaking technology, not the end. It can be much better.

The Solution

Coincidence is the solution is to advance the technology and culture of matchmaking, for the empowering of meaningful relations. It will bring us beyond serendipity, status quo matchmaking apps, and traditional ways of social connection.

Coincidence is a matchmaking app of multiple aspects. In general, it allows for connection recommendations from various methodologies: shared interests, verifiable commonalities, deep learning, etc. The Coincidence Events aspect specializes matchmaking to the contexts of conferences, hackathons, workshops, etc. The Coincidence Scholar aspect allows researchers and students to meet from specific publications or interests. These are the initial aspects. Notably, Coincidence is also an open protocol, thereby enabling the community to augment their special context with a matchmaking substrate.